I spread my wings and fly

Seeking the adventure

Listening to the sounds of nature

Traveling the long way home

I take six trains instead of three

And giggle while it happens

I jump in the puddles

And climb up mountains covered in snow

I listen to people stories

Soaking in where they have been

And what they have done

I observe the world

Taking the time to simply sit, watch, and listen

I seek out moments to learn something new

Trying something I have never done

And discover how it moves me

I try hard

Play as often as I can

Laugh, mostly at myself

And embrace the beautiful world around me

At least once a day I thank the world for how lucky I am

I was not always this way

I did not always see the light

And I am not exactly sure how I got here

But I have arrived

With my head held high and gratitude in my heart

And I will continue to push myself forward to my next destination