Artful Blogging

I am a dreamer

A really big dreamer

Usually my dreams are just that, dreams

But sometimes things happen in my life

That I never could have dreamed up

Magical things

That blow my mind

And fill my heart with love

Today one of those things happened

A dear friend of mine,

Mindy Lacefield

wrote a story about me

And it was published in

Artful Blogging

With two of my poems

I am stunned


And keep pinching myself to believe it actually happened

When I saw the magazine in the bookstore I almost fell over

I met Mindy two years ago on the Oregon Coast

At the time I never realized so much magic would unfold between us

But it has

And is incredible

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of more magic to come

It gives me goosebumps to see my writing next to her


It is amazing what can blossom out of love and support

Friendship opens up the door of possibility

We are able to spread are wings and soar

Knowing that we have someone to lift us up if we fall

Mindy has held my hand and gently nudged me along the way

Opening my eyes to things I never knew possible

She is an extremely talented artist

And has this incredible warm heart

I am so blessed to have her as a friend

Thank you Mindy

For your love


And sunshine that you carry with you