hang in there

There are moments

When we feel

Like we are struggling

To hold on

And keep it all together

There are moments

When we feel


Alone in this universe

With no one to help us through

In those moments we must realize

We are never alone


There are others

Hanging in there with us

Each moment that passes

There is someone

Cheering us on

Holding our hand

Looking out for us

In some of these moments

The support is in the background

Other times it shows up and scoops us up

We wonder how they knew we needed them

But they just know

Life is amazing in that way

Our deep connections with others

Makes words unnecessary at times

It is just a feeling

And it is powerful

So know that

No matter how far down you feel

You are not alone

There is someone watching over you

Ensuring you will make it through

Hang in there