now is the time

It is not about fitting into a certain mold

Mingling with a select group of people

Not feeling comfortable in your own skin

It is not about who you can be at any given moment

Fitting into any situation

It is not about that at all

It is about being your truest self

Doing what it is you love

Fully submerging yourself into the things that make you happy

It is about looking at life through your eyes

Soaking in the feelings that come with the moments

Really knowing yourself

And being happy with who that person is

It is about dancing when you feel like it

Even if no one else is busting a move

It is about pushing forward

Even though others may not agree with your choices

It is about standing firm in who you are

Even when you are challenged

This is your opportunity

To play




This is your moment

To create

Exactly what you desire

Do not hold back

Listen to what your heart is telling you

And go for it

Do not worry about others

Listen only to that tiny voice that whispers

When all else is quiet

What is that voice telling you?