self love

My journey through life so far has taught me many different things

But one of the most important lessons I have learned

Is that above all else

I must love and cherish who I am

Tending to my heart

Speaking words of kindness to my soul

And fully believing that I am enough

This type of self care

Allows me to open myself up to the world

Smile from deep within

And step forward with confidence

Today I am sharing my words about self love

Over on

Vivienne McMasters blog

Vivienne is an incredible individual

With a radiant smile

And a powerful way of expressing herself with her camera

Her self portrait photography will blow you away

She offers

two amazing e-courses

Where you can step into the world of self portrait photography with support and love

I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will still be offering this course in the spring

When all of the snow has melted around these parts

If you have any doubts about self portraiture


will surely change your mind