smile report

I pitched an idea to my friend


about doing some kind of photography project together.  He was willing to play along even though I was very vague about what it would be.  I had some ideas rolling around in my head but nothing I was able to articulate.  All I knew is it would involve both of us taking photographs.

The first assignment was simple.  Photograph something that makes you smile. So we both went out and did just that.  His first email contained his photo and a description of why he took it and what it was that made him smile.  Throughout the week more smile reports arrived in my email box.  Each time I received a smile report from Paul, I smiled myself.

The wheels inside my head began to turn with each "smile report" I received.  What if instead of changing the topic weekly we kept it the same ~ photographing something that made us smile.  Showing how two people, with two totally differently lives, living in different areas are stopping to appreciate that unexpected moment that made us smile.

I shared the idea with Paul and he was up for it, which made me smile.  So this little idea of mine seemed to find its form and has shaped up to be the "smile report" ~ a random dose of moments caught on film that made each of us smile.

Here is the first installment of the smile report in our own words:

                             what made me smile                                                                         what made Paul smile

Jennifer:  "Painting is fun for me.  A way to just let get and allow the brush to do the talking.  On Saturday I pulled out my paints, covered my table in newspaper, and began. This moment brought a smile to my face."

Paul:  "It's discovering a photo I didn't know existed until I came upon it.  The goose at the frozen pond at JFK airport.  I'd just gotten off the subway A train and I wondered if anything was happening on the pond and lo and behold there was the lone bird seeking a small opening in the surface.  It made me happy."

** What has made you smile today? **