upside down

You look at the world and only see what is in front of you

Keeping your eyes glued to what can fit into the box you hold

You do not think that anything is possible

You limit your dreams

You only believe in what you see

You stick with what you know

You stay where it is safe

You say that I am living dangerously

Jumping off a cliff blindfolded

You say that I not only look outside the box

But I see a box that is not even there

And when you spoke those word it was not a compliment

But that is not how my ears heard it

You think it is silly for me to dream up wild ideas

To believe that I can achieve anything

You do not understand why I can look at life so positively

You are waiting for me to make the leap

Before you even begin to dream

You think I am crazy for risking my heart

Putting myself out there

Walking the fine line between devastation and elation

You do not understand why I do it

You stand before this world and only receive what you are given

You do not go out and seek what can be found

You keep puttering along

Content, but not happy

You sit on the sidelines watching me dream big

And even though you think me a fool

I will continue to walk down this dangerous path

To feel life with my whole heart

And open up my soul to the world

I will continue to  submerge myself in what moves me

Laugh out loud

And dream what you consider to be the impossible dream

** this moment in time brought my life theme song

(Upside Down ~ Jack Johnson)

back to the front of my mind. Do you have a theme song for your life?