treasuring each moment

Do not ask me what tomorrow may bring

I haven't a clue

I cannot promise you that it will be okay

I have no idea if any of this will work out

I am unsure just as you are of what the future holds

It may be disastrous

Riddled with disappointment and regret

Or it may be the time of our lives

Filled with laughter and joy

No one can know for certain

What I do know

Is how I feel in this moment

How my insides are light up with happiness

And how alive my heart is as it beats a little faster

I know the enjoyment I receive from the time we spend together

How your laughter brings a smile to my face

And hearing your stories ushers me closer to you

I know that I am grateful for our chance encounter

I understand that there are no guarantees in life

Even when we seek them out

All we can do is sink deeply into the moment

And appreciate what is unfolding before us

So I am not worried about what may happen

Or what could happen

I am simply standing here beside you

Treasuring every single breath