brought back home

It helps me to have that kind of friend

Who can sit beside me and say

"Remember when..."

Together we can journey back

She reminds me of how far I have come

How many obstacles I have hurdled

How many brick walls I have faced

And how no matter what I stood up

Strong, and brave, putting one foot in front of the other

She shows me myself

In a way I sometimes struggle to see

Reminding me how much I have opened up

Showing the world what lies deep within me

Even laying out the vulnerable pieces

To be examined

To be healed

Revealing these pieces of myself have helped others to heal

And move forward on their own journeys

My words have brought forth inspiration

The look in my eyes has calmed worried and tired souls

My ability to sit and listen, and just be present with someone

Has brought strength to those who felt they could not go on

There are moments when I forget

How far I have come

I become to engulfed in the problems

That I am creating in my own mind

Not living in the present

Or appreciating where I am today

This friend brings me back

Opening my eyes up

Allowing me to see myself, as myself

It is a gift to have this type of friendship

To share together

Laugh together

And to bring each other back when we are lost

I am so very grateful