There was once a chance that I did not take

And now I have no idea what may have been

The smiles that may have risen on my face

the memories that could have been created

I have no idea where my life would be

had I taken that chance

Who I might have met

What adventures I could have gone on

I will never know

what may have opened up for me

There was once a chance that I did not take

And I do not know where it could have lead

There may have been tears

My heart may have gotten broken

I may have fallen down and struggled to get back up

I could have felt lost, afraid, unsure of where to turn next

The thing with not taking chances

Is you never will know what could have happened

All I am left with now is wonder

Of what may have been

What could have been

What I wished it to have been

And now

When a new chance arrives

I do not allow fear to take hold of me

Making me live in wonder

Instead I jump right it

Giving it a try

Letting the moment take me

Embracing all that unfolds

~what chance have you not taken, that you wish you had?~