Being open

Easy going

Taking a risk

Not living in a tiny protected bubble

Going out and exploring

Seeking adventure

Looking for the things that move me

Not afraid to try them

Taking the leap and going for it

I am so thankful I live this way

Willing to put myself out there

Experience the moment

Be present with where I am

If I did not have that in me

I never would have the experiences I have had

Seeing Mexico through the eyes of the people

Having my world open up at squam

Traveling to Brooklyn

Risking my heart and feeling the joy that comes with it

As well as the heart ache that can happen

If I was not open and willing

I never would have done any of these things

But here I am now


Going on adventures

Riding my bike around 

Soaking in the beauty

The moments are here

To take the step forward

Take the risk

Take the leap

Grab the nervousness in the palm of my hands

Toss it up into the air

And go for it