roller coaster ride of emotions

I am an emotional creature

Feelings affect me deeply

Happiness and sadness

Raising me up and dragging me down

At times it can feel like a roller coaster ride

Never knowing what the next turn will bring

Intense highs and plummeting lows

With many twist and turns

I am terrified of roller coasters

I hate that feeling that comes in the pit of my stomach

But I have been known to give them a try

Unsure of where they will take me

I jump on

Even though I know it may lead to tears

My emotions ride through me

The light and the dark

Each showing their face

With me guessing when they will arrive

When the lightness is within me

I am shining, brilliant

A smile dancing across my face

But then the darkness takes over

And I feel like I will never make it out

Staring off into the abyss

Struggling to find the light

The only thing to do is ride it through

Embracing the twist and turns

Allowing the tracks to take me

To my next destination

and coming off the ride

Stronger, braver, more confidante in myself