stepping into life

You can get anywhere

At any time

Even if you do not know where you are going

All you have to do

Is take that first step

You know what that step is

It is the one that is difficult to take

The one where fear shouts its terrible words at you

Restricting you from moving forward

But once you push the fear aside

Surrender to the unknown

Let go

And just see where the ride takes you

You are off on an adventure

And you forget what was holding you back all this time

There are many means of transportation

Each giving us a different perspective

Each leading us on a new adventure

Sometimes we may fly high above everything

Looking down on what is below

So small

So tiny

Bringing us a new perspective

Other times we need to go below

Under the cloak of darkness

Moving cautiously

Looking around

Figuring it all out on our own

No matter what mode of transportation you use

What is important is that you are in motion

Taking hold of your dreams and going for

Climbing over obstacles

Taking out the map when you get lost

Pretending to know what we you doing, even when you haven't a clue

Constantly moving

There is no destination

No one place to arrive

It is about the journey along the way

Embracing the unexpected

Connecting with the people you meet

Laughing at yourself

Creating memories and carving a smile into your heart

It is about doing what you love

Listening to what speaks to

And going for it

Not holding back

But surrendering to the path that unfolds before you

It may seem scary

But know that we all feel fear

We all do not know what is coming next

We are all in this together

Here for each other

Supporting one another

Loving each other

So take that first step today

The step you know you have to take

I am right there beside you

Holding your hand

Cheering you on

Just like I know you are here beside me