There was no time schedule to adhere to

No place that we had to be next

It was just the two of us

Together in the moment

Soaking in the beauty of nature

Listening to the ocean sing us a song

And feeling the warmth of the sun shine down

Tranquility washed over me

As we sat on the cool sand

Close to one another

Each sharing our story, and

Absorbing the peace that comes with silence

We sat there for awhile

You and I

We had the opportunity to just be

In the moment

Exactly as we are

No expectations, no agenda

Just two individuals showing up as themselves

Feeling comfortable with who they are

Breathing in the beauty around them

In this chaotic world

It is these moments that ground us

Awaken our spirit

Illuminate our soul and give us strength

For all the unknown that lies ahead

It is a gift to be given these moments

And a blessing to feel the wisdom they hold