brought back home

It is a place I love going to

Spending hours upon hours

Writing, reading, soaking in the goodness of just being there

But now every time I walk through the doors

The feeling is not the same

Sadness fills me up inside

As I feel your presence within these walls

I know you are not there

But still I feel you, so strongly

Today when I went inside

I had to leave quickly

The feeling of you being there was so powerful

It is a funny thing that can happen with a place

Holding onto your hopes

When you are trying to let them go

Exposing feelings

That you are trying to forget

And resurfacing memories

That you are trying to leave behind

Today I as flooded with those thoughts

Brought back to your smile

The day we met

The words you said

The moments we shared together

It made my heart sad

To look back

And feel it all again