What if you could forgive yourself

For all the past hurst that rolled around you

What if you could finally see

That some of those moments were not your fault

But you had to suffer through them

What if you could forgive yourself

For the mistakes you made

The bad choices you decided on

The moments you did not act with integrity

What if you could realize that you made mistakes

That we all make mistakes

But that those mistakes do not define who you are today

And they do not have to hold power to what the future holds

They were just moments in time

That have since passed

What if you were able to let go

Of everything holding you back

Past hurts

The fear of the unknown

Unresolved issues

What if you could free yourself of the chains of the past

Where would you go?

What road would you travel down?

What new adventure would you take?

The world needs to see your light shine

Do not be afraid of letting go of the past

Forgiving yourself

And stepping into the present

You are the artist of your life

What will you create today?