living through the feelings

Since returning

The connection between my mind and my pen has been a struggle

I have tried lining words up to form a sentence

Express my feelings

Release what is swirling around inside of me

But nothing is coming out

I am in a period of transition

Of letting go

and opening myself up to the world around me

Not holding anything to tightly

But allowing things to come in and go out

It is not an easy path to travel down

Being such a deep feeler

It can be difficult to give freedom to all of these emotions

Allowing them to just be what they are

Without holding on

I am bravely stepping forward

Through the darkness

And the questions

Digging deeper into the strength that is within me

Revealing pieces of my heart with each step

I know I must live boldly

Without fear

Planning my next adventure

And standing tall in the uncomfortableness of life

Reaching, stretching, growing