Can you feel it swirling around

It is deep within you

Flowing out of you

Hugging you gently

And bringing a smile to your face


It is every where

In the friendly hello from lady who works at the library

The kind smile from the gentleman filling up your gas tank

The conversation between you and your customers at work


Wrapping its arms around you

Lifting you up so you feel like you are soaring

Making you laugh

And opening you up to fully appreciating life


You can see it in everything

Feel it in each encounter you have

Leaving a mark on your heart

As you venture through each day


Arriving in the palm of your hand

Felt through friendships where you are deeply seen

Memories being created with family

Helping you to keep moving forward


A feeling so deep

Bringing so much joy

Support and strength

Always circling around you

Love, do you feel it?