An inner dialogue is always running through my head

At times the words spoken are not kind

Carrying daggers

They stab me in the heart

Making me feel like I am not good enough

It is my own voice that is speaking

Why is it so hard on me?

Words flow from my heart for others

Lifting them up

Holding them gently

Carrying them through the storm

But when I look in the mirror

And speak to myself

The words are not kind at all

It is in these moments

That I am so grateful for my "trues"

The individuals in my life who see me for exactly who I am

And reflect it back to me when those dark voices start to speak

They usher in

And fight off my inner daemons

I do not even have to ask for there help

They just know

And like angels they appear

I am so incredibly blessed

To have these beautiful souls in my life

Holding up a mirror to me

And gently opening up my eyes

When I am unable to see