I only know small pieces of you

For a brief moment in time

You opened the door

and showed me a glimpse of your heart

The moment was fleeting

But I am so grateful for having had the opportunity

You have opened me up

In so many incredible ways

And I know

That the world is a better place

Because you are in it

Do not forget

That you must keep on dreaming

And holding on to your passions

What speaks to you is important to this world

Because when you go out and pursue it

You leave a mark on all of us

And we are forever changed

Know that you are enough

Just as you are

Even through the struggles

You will make it through

Wiser, lighter, stronger

And you will find that inner peace

You are searching for

You are a light in this world

That shines at its brightest

When you are doing what speaks to you

Even from a distance I can feel you shining