you better be ready

If you ask the universe to teach you about one word

Over the course of the entire year

And for that word to be your focus for that time


You better be ready

Because when you ask the universe to do something

It goes ahead and does it

And it may not be in the way you were expecting

In fact, it most likely will not be in the way you wanted

The universe will open your eyes

Dig deep into your soul

And tug at your heart strings

It will challenge you

Force you to look in the mirror

And really, truly see yourself

The universe will not give you any breaks

Or take you down any short cuts

It will come at you quickly

Throwing you some curve balls along the way

Pushing you to the edge

Then pulling you back up

And when you want to throw your hands up in the air

Trying to surrender

The universe won't let you

"This is what you asked for"

The universe will say

And she will stand beside you

Because the universe never gives up on you

Through all of it

The universe is right there by your side

Holding your hand

And guiding you through the difficult times

Even though you may not be able to see that

And when you want to kick the universe to the curb

She will remind you again

"This was your request"

And she will push and push

Until it finally clicks in your head

And we all know

How long somethings can take to click in your head

So you better be prepared

Because the universe is in full swing

To move you forward