the only way I know how

I open up to the world

Showing my vulnerable pieces

Doing this enables me to connect more deeply with others

It brings me closer to them

Gives me a chance to feel and be free

It is a beautiful thing

There were moments in my life when I was deep in the fire

Pushed down into the gutter

My heart torn to shreds

Dark skies covering my world

There were moments I wasn't sure if I would make it

But I always did

The hurt doesn't stop me

The pain that was there doesn't hold me back

I keep pushing forward

Holding my heart in the palm of my hands

I share my most vulnerable pieces

I am not afraid to take a risk

Show my emotions

Feel the world

I stand deeply in the unknown

My past does not dictate my future happiness

I let go

Releasing that which no longer serves me

I raise my head up towards the sun

Wishing for the best

And taking the leap

One may think this is a dangerous way to live

But it is the only way I know how

Risking my heart

Daring to dream

Feeling my way through the world