tell your story

You are writing the story of your life each and every day

You are creating beauty and magic

Weaving together interactions deep into your heart

Do not be afraid to share that story with the world

The world needs to hear your tale, all of it

The good times as well as the not so good times

Giving voice to the dark moments

The ones you want to forget about

Will allow you to release them

It will bring an inner healing to your heart

And give strength to others, knowing they are not alone

Tell these stories

Own them

We all make mistakes

What is important is how you handle them after the destruction

Do not continue to bury them deep inside

When they are down their they stew up negative emotions

You do not have to continue living through that

Release your stories into the world

Hold your head a little bit higher

And step deeply into the world

You are filled with light

That deserves to shine

Shine brightly, shine brightly