surrounded by beauty

I used to be a wall flower

Trying my hardest to blend in

Never wanting to draw attention to myself

Thoughts always running through my head

But words never spoken

Over time I have come out of my shell

I stand deeply in who I am

Not afraid of being seen and heard

I put myself out into the world

And embrace what flows my way

I am fortunate to be surrounded by beauty

Individuals in my every day life that make my heart sing

We have heart opening conversations

Sharing between us sacred thoughts, ideas, and feelings

We take the time to truly see one another

In life we are all a part of many different worlds

Each of them connected through one source, yourself

All of these little circles play a significant part in your life

And for each of them you must show up

As yourself and let yourself be seen

Who you are matters to the circles that surround you

Your being adds to the beauty

Your thoughts and words are impact full

And necessary to be spoken

You just being there is an integral part of the equation

When I hid in the background I was missing out

On all the beauty and opportunity that surrounds me

I was afraid

As I slowly stepped out of my protective barrier

I saw that love was there to hold me gently

I am so grateful for the relationships I have formed

For the kindness that others show me day after day

For conversations, laughter, a wave hello

My heart is overflowing with joy

From all the beauty that swirls around

I would not be here today

Had I not searched for what moved me

Had I not found what inside me really makes me happy

Had I not bravely stepped out and showed the world who I am

And now I stand here with my heart wide open