I looked the word up in the dictionary because I wanted to know what it meant

"Without ever ending, eternally, continually, incessantly, always"

"An endless or seemingly endless period of time"

That is what I found

That is what they say it means

But what I wonder is

Does anything last forever?

Is there anything we we can rely on, forever?

Should it even be a word in the dictionary?

Should it be a word ever spoken from our lips?

Is there anything in your life that has stayed the same since it began?

Anything that has lasted forever?

Everything changes

Ebbing and flowing with time

Seasons come and go

And so do people

We grow and learn

Never the same forever

Nothing is the same forever

Yet we toss around the world

Speaking it from our lips as if it holds power

But what power could it hold when we never keep the promise?

What ground does this forever word have to stand on?

What does forever really mean?