Feeling so much gratitude in my heart

Each and every day

Filled up to the brim

Love, kindness, laughter

Each of these things are a part of my daily life

They weave their way into everything I am doing

From the smallest task to the biggest decision

They show up

Ready to take on the world

These three elements guide me

Carry me safely on my journey

There is much I have to be thankful for

An amazing family that is always there for me

Great friends who hold up the mirror and don't let me stray to far off my path

Finding the love of my life and spending beautiful days together

Two wonderful jobs that I enjoy going to

A great apartment to come home to each and every night



Smiles and tears

The ability to take adventures with creative souls

Conversations deep into the night

You wonderful individuals who show up here and support me

And the joy of having each day 

The list could go on and on

I am grateful

As I write this I am smiling from ear to ear

My eyes filling up with tears

I am so deeply blessed

Thank you