your path

The path is laid out before you

All you have to do is have the courage to take the first step

Each step you take opens you up to a world of possibility

New adventures

Things you never even knew existed before

Learning, growing, healing

As you meet new individuals

Your heart opens up

You learn to be a little gentler with yourself

Embrace your individuality

Forgive yourself for past mistakes

You learn how to show up in a room full of people

As yourself

Boldly standing in who you are

And feeling confidante, strong, and alive

You delve deeper into what moves you

And you soak this in

Allowing these simple pleasures to be a part of your daily life

You begin to listen to what your heart and mind are saying

Standing peacefully with the two

Wiser for taking the time to get to know yourself

You allow your path to open up before you

As it ebbs and flows so do you

Taking risks

Laughing wildly

Feeling the sun shine down on you

This is your life

And you are going to continue to soak it in