My word for 2012

Sometimes my word for the year picks me

Wings arriving in my mailbox

Telling me it is my year to be brave

Other times my word speaks strongly with love

And I am almost to afraid to say it out loud

I don't want to jinx it

This year I had to dig my word out of the ground

It was cultivating there for the past five years

As I gently tended to it with love and encouragement

My word needed time to grow and it did just that

Now it is strong and ready to soak in the sunshine

Five years ago at Squam Arts Workshops I grew my wings

Bravely I stood with them as I learned how to fly

I was engulfed with love and embraced deeply who I am

Now, I am ready to spread those wings and Soar

Reaching for my dreams and making them happen

I no longer want to stand on the ground

My wings have grown strong

They are ready to fly

In fact, they are ready to soar

It sounds kinda strange to see it in print

Almost to bold to put down on paper

But I know to make it happen, I have to say it

So bravely I am putting it out here

This year I am going to SOAR