dreams coming true

I have always been a dreamer

Just ask my third grade teacher, he'll tell you

Even at that age, when I was suppose to be paying attention

I wasn't

My mind was wandering and it continues to wander

Dreaming up all sorts of things

They start as small ideas

That turn into a wish I speak outloud

Then the universe comes in and works it's magic

Slowly the dream begins to have form and shape

There are times it looks nothing like the original plan

And other times when I can't belive how exact it has all fallen into place

Dreams are things we want to happen

And they can't begin happening unless we set them in motion

I am in awe when a dream comes true

My heart fills with delight and gratitude

Looking back on the entire evolution

A small pea of an idea turned into a grand heart opening experience

I have more ideas percolating

The univers is working it's magic

And I just need to work on the courage to take the leap

What are you dreaming of these days?

What dreams of yours have come true?

Let's dream together, shall we?