Love Notes

Do you dread going to your mailbox?

Knowing all that is going to be in there is bills and junk mail

Do you love it when you order something and it will arrive from the postman

Eagerly awaiting for that little package that will brighten up the phone bill and the valupak coupons

Our mailbox is a sacred space where things from afar arrive right at our doorstep

A tangible something that we can hold onto

When we open the little door of our mailbox

We never now what is going to be there

Bills, catalogs, and advertisements seem to find their way

But I want to invite you to bring a little sunshine to your mailbox

An idea has been blooming over here

Involving words shared and happy mail arriving right at your doorstep

A little piece of life that you can hold in your hand

Tuck in your pocket, or carry along with you

Words of wisdom arriving at your doorstep

And I would love for you to join in


Love Notes project

will be launching soon

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