After the storm

The storm has passed but the destruction is devastating.  Here in the north so many trees are down.  Fallen in the middle of the road, crushing houses, and pulling down power lines.  Darkness blanketing towns. There is an eric feeling in the air when night falls. Without a flashlight you cannot even see directly in front of you and all you hear is the  sound of generators humming in the distance.

Gasoline is hard to come by.  The lines for the open stations are incredibly long.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I tried to capture it with my camera but they are so massive it is hard to get it.  Car after car waiting on the shoulder of the highway with hope in there hearts that when they pull up to the pump there will be gas to fill there tank.

In the south the destruction is even more devastating. Sea water taking out so much. The tide un controllable.  Same in new York city.  The water levels rose and even filled the subway stations.  It is terrible.

Through all the destruction I am blessed.  Although devastation occurred to homes of family everyone is safe and healthy. And that is the most important. Homes can be rebuilt and together we will do that.

Today through all this I am celebrating my 32nd birthday. I am in shock that I am 32. Time flies by so quickly.  So many memories I have tucked into my memory bank.  So much to smile about, so much to be thankful for.  I am lucky and incredibly grateful.  I am typing this from a school parking lot where I have found wireless connection.  Little pockets of hope peaking out.

Think good thoughts for those who are struggling due to Sandys wrath.  They need the love and a little bit of lifting up.  Be kind to each other and understand tht so any are stressed, worried, and just trying to figure it out. Patience will be such a gift to these people who are edge.  Smile at one another. A little bit if love goes a long way.