begin again

Let's just stop here for just a moment

The world has been a spinning ever so quickly

I need a moment to pause

To breathe

To remember what is truly important

Conflicting points of view

Long lines for gas

People in the dark

Trying hard to warm up

It feels like an up hill battle

Getting blanketed in snow reminds me to hunker down

Crawl under the covers

Soak in my own warmth

And remember that we can begin again

We can always begin again

As the world spins

I sit here

Breathing deeply, in and out

Letting the glow of my heart warm my soul

Creating space for what is to come

I am not sure what is around the next bend

So many dreams and thoughts swirling in my mind

I need to create what I most need

With each passing day I am learning more and more what that is

And so I begin again

I begin right here

Right now

Taking a leap

Afraid, but willing

Knowing I will land safely, wherever I land