the comparing game, it's time to end it


You know that person you compare yourself to
The one with the perfect hair
Who has more dedication to the gym than you do
Speaks with power
And always seems to be wearing a great outfit

Yeah you know her
We have all stood beside her and wished we could be her
But today that must stop
Because this comparing business is doing no one any good
In fact, all it is doing is bringing you down
So cut it out

Take a moment to look at you, and really see who you are
You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for 
You show up
You don't give up
You face challenges and change, and find new paths to navigate down
You listen deeply and feel the world with passion
You are no slouch, even if you aren't wearing the boots you wish you were

That so called "perfect" person you are comparing yourself to
Don't be fooled, her life isn't as perfect as it seems
You may want her perfect hair, but you don't want her struggles
And believe me, there are times when she struggles
She is human after all

So quit this comparing game
Stand tall in who you are
And keep showing up
Because the world needs YOU
Exactly as you are