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photo credit:  Deb Taylor

:: I have invited participants of the Love Notes Project to share some words with us.  Today I invite you to sit down and enjoy a guest post by the fabulous

Deb Taylor

as she reminds us to begin. :: 

I took this photo on New Years Day 2011.

It had been a very difficult year after our home flooded and we had been living in chaos of renovating and rebuilding. 

I was simply exhausted.  Depleted.  Almost hopeless. 

I wanted to choose my word for the year, but had no inspiration, I had lost my creative MoJo. 

Then I saw this sign, bottom of the stairs of a friends home.  I stood still for a very long time.  It was rocking my world. 

I knew right then I was ready to climb again, one step at a time.

So I opened my heart to this message, shot the photo,and have printed more than 100 copies. 

I share them.  I make art with them.  I mail as a card when I feel that someone needs this important message!!

I have them placed all about to remind and inspire me to get back on track. 

You see, I like to spin a lot of plates and try new things.  I signed on to the Love Notes Postcard Project becasue I am constantly inspired to "being" a new creative project.  it seems to have a ripple effect into all the areas of my life when my flow is in motion! 

So when you feel stuck...just BEGIN.  Anything...scribble, walk around the block, maike a painty mess, try a new flavor smoothie, drive the backroads and before you know it, you have begun the creatibe flow and the magic will happen!

Deb shares her artistic creations which include sewing, painting, cooking, and whatever else the Muse calls forth to create.  You can read about her one little word,

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