Feast of Words

This past weekend I hosted my very first 

Feast of Words

Joy and gratitude are overflowing from my heart

I am blown away by the honest wholehearted writing and sharing that occurred in my home

We warmed up our writing muscles with some tasty appetizers

And quick fun prompts

Gently easing into the writers mind

We then gathered around the table, which was set with intention

and a special piece of art from dear friend

Kelly Barton

We shared stories, giggled, and savored a delicious meal prepared by our very special Chef

We found a comfortable place to write

Hands nervous, hearts unsure of what was to come

But together we took the leap

Words poured onto the page

Individuals who said they weren't writers wrote the most beautiful things

Hearts expanded and love swirled around

There was no judgment or criticism

Only a common understanding for each other

As ears openly listened and hands feverishly wrote

It was a night filled with compassion

Heartfelt writing

And a delicious Feast on Words

I am so grateful for each individual who took a chance on this night.  Arriving with an open mind and delving deep into writing.  I am also grateful for my chef, Alice who prepared the most delicious meal and helped the night run smoothly.

Together we laughed, cried, and feasted.  It was a night to remember.