guest post :: Michelle GD


Michelle GD

is pure magic!  I am so honored to have her Guest Posting here.  She has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Love Notes Post Card Project.  Her constant love and encouragement lifts me up and reminds me how important it is for individuals to connect with one another.  I was blown away when someone very close to her also wanted to participate in the Love Notes project along side her, but I will let her tell you that story.  You can find Michelle over at

  and over on instagram @michelle_gd :: 

this is my third round of the love notes post card project with


.  and I am not shy in telling you that I adore this project!  often, as I am working through jennifer's prompts and finding my way into the words i want to share with my buddy, i end up exploring word and thoughts that hold significance for me as well.  it's fun and lighthearted, but it's also somewhat meditative and sometimes healing.

and do you know what else i love about this project?  my eight-year-old daughter likes to join in with me.  for each round, she has sent her own notes to my (our) buddy.  sometimes she works off the theme (and, when she does, her words are so refreshing) and sometimes she tells our buddy: " you rock!".  but i love that she shows up to participate.  jennifer and


(my partner last round) were both so fantastic and mailed special love notes to my daughter; it was no surprise that she was over-the-moon excited to receive her own love notes.  so, jennifer and melissa, i thank you.

i also thank jennifer for creating and coordinating this project.  and i thank all of you for participating.  because everyone loves a little snail mail now and then.  and we all deserve the extra love.

love to you all,