the page saved me

It was the page that saved me

Catching my words when I had no where else to turn

A firm grip on my pen

Furiously writing

The words pouring from my heart

It was the page that gently held each heart wrenching word

And soaked up all the tears that fell from my eyes

There was no judgment

No questions of right or wrong

Just an open space to let go and show up

It was the page that was always there

Late in the night

On the train ride home

Ready at a moments notice

Teaching me how to open up

It was the page that helped me grow

And see for the first time with kind eyes who I truly am

Working out the details of my journey

Healing my past

And providing me space to dream

It is the page I continue to turn to

To dream big, really really big

Record memories made

Work out the struggles in my mind

And list the beautiful moments that occur each day

It is the page that I am so grateful for


Writing has been an enormous tool for me in healing my heart, pushing me forward, and providing me space to simply work out anything and everything that comes up in my mind.  I am grateful for a pen and a piece of paper.  Grateful for the communication between my heart, head, and hand.  And grateful for the ability to let it all go on the page.

This September I will be leading a five week online writing course;

Love Notes Special Delivery

.  During our time together we will explore what holds us back from recognizing the true beauty that we are.  We will using writing as a tool to dig deep, let go, and create space in our hearts to grow and dream.

We will then take the love we have in our hearts and share it with those near and dear to us, and in our community.  Once we fully embrace ourselves we can then really let the light in our heart shine.  Together we will take that journey.

I hope that you will join us on this writing adventure.  To find out more head on over to


or if you are ready to jump in you can sign up below.  


An online writing class

Class Objective:

  Learn how to show up to the blank page and not be intimidated to tell the stories that we have tucked into our hearts.  Discover the healing powers of writing by telling these stories, letting some of them go, and moving forward as our best selves.  


Online, self paced class.  Lessons are delivered directly to your email box.  You are able to go at your own pace, go back to pieces that really resonate with you, and use the lessons over and over again.  


Starting Sunday, September 15th  for five weeks


Because the page can save your life.  Opening your heart to writing can bring you back to yourself, help guide you in a new direction, and give you space to dream and grow.   


 $49 USD