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"I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say" - Flannery O'Connor

The blank page provides you with a space to spill open.  It will catch your deepest secrets, hold onto your dreams, and give you an opportunity to release.  It is a place where you can show up exactly as you are and never once be judged.  The page will take anything you throw at it.  

When you journal you have the opportunity to explore the stories of your life and dig a little bit deeper into the moments. You gain more clarity in what is happening and unearth where you want to go.  Through pen and paper you work through he struggles, the heartbreak, the questions and you come out on the other side ready to take that next step forward.   

To journal bravely means to show up to the page unfiltered, allowing yourself the freedom to let go.  Your first response may be to judge what you write and how you feel.  To speak negatively about what it is you really want.  To think that you do not deserve what your heart deeply desires.  

Within the pages of your notebook your dreams will emerge.  Your confidence will expand.  And you will figure out how to navigate your own path forward. 

For 25 years I have been using a journal as a tool to help me navigate my own life.  My journal is my sacred space.  It provides me the opportunity to say exactly what I want to say.  To figure out where I want to go.  It has helped me learn how to let go what is holding me back.  And it saved my life when my own mother lost hers.   I am grateful for the space my journal gives me and know that bravely journaling has helped heal my heart.   

Journaling will:

  • Provide you a space to tell your stories
  • Unearth confidence in your voice 
  • Shift you to become more present
  • Guide you into tuning into your feelings
  • Provide you the opportunity to release the stories you have been carrying around for far too long
  • Awaken your inner spark
  • Allow you the opportunity to write from a place of compassion, free of judgement

"A personal journal is an ideal place to "become".  It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream." ~ Brad Wilcox


why journal?

Because life isn't always easy and sometimes you need to write a story out of you.  With each experience feelings and emotions come along for the ride.  How you feel today will not necessarily be how you feel tomorrow.  The page allows you the space to process your feelings and work through them.  It gives you an opportunity to let go and to savor.  You have the chance to tell YOUR story and how YOU really deeply feel.  There is no need for censorship, just the chance to release.  

Join me for 21 days of brave journaling.  This email based program will teach you how to use journaling as a tool to open up your heart, gain confidence in yourself, and examine the feelings and emotions that rise up.  You will emerge stronger, braver, and wiser in who you are.  

You should take this course if you are:

  • Interested in self-exploration and learning how to use writing as a tool to help you heal and dream
  • Looking to unearth your stories
  • Wanting to learn how to see the page as a friend and not an intimidating blank space
  • Looking to learn how to write from a place of honesty and compassion
  • Curious about writing
  • Used to journal but haven't done it in years

For this course you will need:

  • A notebook
  • A pen
  • A willingness to take a leap and give yourself a chance


We will begin this course with writing prompts to get your pen moving across the page.  As we delve into the process you will gain confidence in yourself and fall in love with the voice that emerges.  You will no longer feel intimidated by the blank page but rather you will get excited to dive in.  You will be armed with prompts and exercises that you can turn to time and time again to help you unearth the stories breathing in your heart.


Brave Journaling Details:

When:  On demand via email.  You will receive the first lesson the day after you join and an email every subsequent day for 21 days.

Where:  Your inbox.  All lessons delivered directly to your inbox so you can add them to your self-care toolbox and refer to them again and again.

What:  Daily journaling prompts, stories, and exercises.  

Why:  Because the page gives you space to open up and breathe.  It is a beautiful tool to spill open into as it never once judges.  You own words can guide you where you want to go and help you move through what needs to be left behind.  

Price: $25

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my journal is my life line

I have been a chronic journaler ever since I was young, turing to the page to scribble down the important things like how I felt when my crush looked my way or how I no longer wanted to run track but my parents said I had to finish what I started.  I would write in my journal for hours pouring out the contents of my heart.  Fearful that it would fall into the wrong hands I kept my journal tucked deep beneath my mattress so my brothers would never find it.  It was between the pages of that book where I allowed my heart to spill open.  My true feelings came out, all of them.  There was no censorship just a pure heart explosion.  

Showing up on the page allowed me the opportunity to work through so much teenage angst.  It was the place I went to when I needed to clear my head.  It became my best friend and most trusted confidante.  It never once talked back to me or judge anything I wrote.  It simply caught all the contents of my heart.  

Today my journal continues to be my most trusted confidante holding the inner weavings of my heart.  It holds the hurt and the pain as well as my dreams and secrets.  It continues to provide me with a safe place to spill open.  I carry my journal with me wherever I go.  It is the place I turn to first when I need to work something out and the place that catches all of me.  The blank pages welcomes my open heart.  Without my journal I would be lost.    

Over the years I have filled more journals than I can count.  Each one holding pieces of my story.  Together they form the masterpiece of my life.  Each notebook remind me of where I have been and encourages me to keep stepping forward.  They show me how much I have grown and how wide and expansive my heart is.  They tell the story of my life in pure honest form.  

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I have taken Brave Journaling before, can I join again?
Yes, of course!  Each day brings along new moments and experiences.  Where you were in your life the last time you took this class is different from where you are today.  New stories and feelings will emerge, plus I have added in different prompts.  

I am not a writer is this class still for me?
Absolutely!  You do not have to be a writer to journal.  You do not need perfect grammar or a perfectly thought out story.  Your journal is a place for you to open up your heart and allow all of your thoughts and feelings to spill open.  There is no wrong or right way to journal and if you can make a list or write a thought than you can journal.  

Do you have other questions?  I am here to help.  Drop me a note at

Together let's jump into the water,
because if you never jump you never learn how to swim.  

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Kind Words

"Where do I begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this online course.  I loved everything from the lesson plans, the videos, and most of all how Jennifer had us look inside ourselves ..Find what we love .. Find who we truly are and 'celebrate' that."

"I was fortunate to be in the first offering of Love Notes Special Delivery.  What a totally beautiful experience it was.  I started my early morning with a daily lesson or video and then followed with writing in my journal from Jennifer's writing prompts.  Jennifer has such a gentle way of presenting the lesson that made you feel welcomed and so at ease.  It was like having your very own writing coach or partner right there with you.  I thought I was in love with the writing process before; Jennifer's e-course deepened my writing even more."
~ Donna

"Thank you for opening your heart and inviting me into your beautiful Heart Notes course— it was just what I needed to close out 2015 and welcome 2016 with a peaceful heart.  The prompts and videos were wonderful guides to slow down and look again at life.
Life moves fast and often I get lost in the day to day and miss the beauty.  Your course gave me permission to slow down and allowed me to look again and see the beauty in the everyday and little moments.  And those are beautiful.
You have a wonderful gift in sharing yourself with others and giving us a safe place to share ourselves with others."
~ Maura

"The Heart Notes class was a lovely way to reflect on the year that was ending, while opening up for the year to come. The lesson prompts set roots to all that happened during the year, making peace with the good and the bad, and helped clear my mind for a year of possibilities. The practice is one I want to repeat every year."
~ Rita