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When you go to your mailbox what is waiting for you?  Bills, mailers, nothing that excites you?  What if you opened it up and there was something special just for YOU, how would that make you feel?  Would it bring a smile to your face?  Would your day shift for the better?  

The Love Notes Postcard Project encourages slowing down, getting back to the basics, and connecting through handwritten notes sent through the mail.  Join the love notes revolution and receive a little ray of handwritten sunshine delivered in the mail, yes the real mail?   

Each round of Love Notes last for three weeks.

You will be paired up with another participant and keep this partner for all three weeks.

What you write on the postcard is based off of the weekly writing prompt sent out via email each Sunday.  

How much does Love Notes Cost:  The price of a stamp and a post card.  The postcards can be bought or created.  There is no charge to be a part of this project.   

I believe strongly in connecting through handwritten words


Love Notes is hosted Quarterly:

  • January 14th - 28th {completed}

  • April 8th - 22nd {completed}

  • July 8th - 22nd 

  • October - 7th - 21st



I would love to meet you in person!

Let's get together, sit across from one another and share our hearts.  

Join me August 5th for a Love Notes Meetup in NJ!


Love Notes LOVE!

You don't have to take my word for it that spreading notes of love is magical.  Check out some words from previous participants:

Interview about Love Notes


Pop on over to the Love Notes Postcard Facebook Page to say hello.  Plus check out Instagram @lovenotesfairy #lovenotesjb