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“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”
-Deborah Day


The airplane analogy of "putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping others" does not only apply to flying.  In fact it applies to how you need to tend and care for yourself in life.  When your cup is empty and you try to pour from it nothing comes out.  The only way to fill your cup is to nourish yourself with kindness, compassion, and self love.  

Taking a few minutes a day just for YOU can help you fill your cup.

It is in these small moments that you have the opportunity to be quiet, to listen in, to spill onto the page, to do something just for you, and to be fully present in the moment.  

I invite you to join me on a 30 day journey to slowing down, being more mindful, tending to your heart, mind, & body, and showering yourself in self-care.  

Everyones version of self-care may look a little bit different but one thing is for certain, we all need to fill up or wells in order to be able to show up in this world as our best version of ourselves.  

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As we walk this journey hand in hand you will be provided written, audio and video stories and inspiration to nourish your mind.  There will also be different prompts, meditations, and exercises that you can add to your self-care toolbox.  All lessons will be emailed to you so that you will be able to re-visit these tools time and time again when you feel you need a little self love tending.  

take a moment for you

It is never to late to begin taking care of yourself.  This daily practice will provide you with a moment just for you.  You will find that as you continue this self-care practice happiness will bubble up from inside of you and you will have more light to share with others

:: You deserve a moment jut for YOU
:: You deserve time to unearth your own happiness
:: You deserve to sit with a cup of tea
:: You deserve space to spill open onto the page
:: You deserve to not have to rush when you are caring for yourself
:: You deserve to breath in deeply
:: You deserve to make wishes
:: You deserve time to dream

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"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority.  It's necessary." 
-Mandy Hale


It took me time to learn the importance of self-care and to get into the rhythm of tending to my happiness.  I will put others needs before my own because I want to see them joyful, comfortable, and thriving.  But in doing this there are times that I would become cranky and even resentful.  

When my own well wasn't full I could not possible give to others in a way I wanted.

Now I know the importance of taking care of me.  I have unearthed rituals and practices that I will be sharing with you that feed my heart and fill me up.  These simple everyday moments allow me space to be more mindful with what I am going to do and where I am going to go.  It has given me an opportunity to slow down, be kind to myself, and shower my heart with love.  

Taking time for me fuels my own fire and lights me up.  When I do so I feel happier, grounded, more at ease.  These daily practices have become my go to tools for nurturing. One of them is daily intention setting.  I light a candle, sit quietly, and write down what my intention is for that day.  Having a daily intention is the perfect way for me to start the day.  It sets the tone for how I want to feel.  

Mindful Moment Details:

When:  On demand via email.  You will receive the first lesson the day after you join in and an email every subsequent day for 30 days.

Where:  Your inbox.  All lessons delivered directly to your inbox so you can add them to your self-care toolbox and refer to them again and again.

What:  Daily lessons for thirty days with exercises, tools, and prompts to help you unearth a daily practice of mindfulness and nurturing your mind, body, and heart.  

Why:  Because everything you need is within you. But it takes a little bit of time and heart tending to unearth it.  Through a daily practice of mindfulness you will begin to access the beauty and radiance that lives within you and learn how to tend to yourself on a daily basis.  

Price: $59

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