Hello and welcome!  I am glad that you are here.  Before we go any further let me tell you a little bit about me.  Ever since I can remember I have been a writer.  My journal is a sacred space for me to spill open into.  When I was small I would tuck my journal far under my mattress so my brothers could not find it.  I would be devastated if they found out I had a crush on David and that when I asked him out he said no.  Luckily for me they never found it.  

As I grew older I discovered blogging and was hooked!  It provided me with a place to write and share my photographs.  I didn't tell anyone except my boyfriend at the time and dove deep into what felt like a safe space for me to write in.  I thought no one was reading so I spilled my heart onto the screen.  Little did I know that my older brother would discover me and share it with my entire family.  Having him find me online was a turning point for me.  No longer could my shy introverted self hide in the background.  Through a medium that I was comfortable in my family began to see me, really see me for who I am and in turn I was able to stand taller, prouder, stronger.  

Here I Stand Today

I take risk's.  I reach for the stars.  I fall down.  I love with my heart wide open.  I don't always know where I am going, but I always know that I have to try.  I put one foot in front of the other and figure it out along the way.  

I am a writer sharing the truth of my story through words on the page.  I have learned how important it is to spill open and allow yourself space to be seen.  
I am a photographer capturing the every day moments that bring me joy.  A feather found.  A beautiful sky.  My feet after running.  Ordinary moments that make up an extraordinary life.  
I encourage individuals to share their heart through handwritten notes and to send them through the mail, yes the real mail!
I am a believer in community.  We can do so much more when we come together than we can ever do alone.  
I am an explorer, a dreamer, a creator.  

If you are looking for me you will most likely find me outside on my bicycle, out for a run, or sitting on my front porch reading.  I thrive in the sunshine and allow the fresh air to inspire me to keep on moving forward.  I love yoga, meditation, gathering, making vision boards, dreaming and scheming together, and laughing wildly.  Come on over for a cup of tea and a spontaneous dance party.  


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Four most altering moments in my life {so far}

Life is what you make of it.  It can be a grand adventure or nothing at all.  I choose to make it an adventure.  I choose to take leaps.  I choose to stretch myself farther than I ever thought I could go.  I choose to show up each and every day.  You only get one chance ... live it wildly! 

I invite you to take a listen to hear a little bit more about my story as I chat with Elizabeth Duvivier on her podcast Morning on the Dock.  Together we chat about the Love Notes Project, writing, running, and even navigating grief after losing my mom.