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October 2-6, 2019
Bay Head, NJ

Imagine being tucked inside a sleepy seashore town circling with a small group of kindreds steps away from mother ocean. Giving yourself the gift of time to relax, reflect, and connect. Imagine putting your to-do list down and sinking deep into self-care.

How would it feel to put yourself first for a change?

You deserve a sacred space to fill your well. A place where you can show up exactly as you are and connect to your heart and the hearts of others. You deserve to slow down and sink in.

You give so much of yourself it is now time to give back to YOU.

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I invite you to join me for five days where you will:

  • Gather in an intimate setting. The maximum number of attendees is eight. We will all be staying in the retreat house together.

  • Be nourished daily with delicious meals.

  • Be invited to a morning ritual of circling together with kindreds who quickly become friends.

  • Set intentions, share your dreams and manifest living them into being. Plus have space to share your story.

  • Be guided in daily Soul Writing Sessions filled with prompts & exercises to dig in deep. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a writer to dive in.

  • Create your very own ‘Soul Care Field Guide’. Playing with paint, collage, washi tape, and images you will create your very own guide that will light you up, inspire your path forward, and remind you of the joy that comes along with play. You will tuck this guide in your bag to take home so you can reference it whenever you fall of course. It will be a beautiful reminder of who you are and the light you shine in this world.

  • Be delighted by magic hour walks along the water’s edge to wander and explore. A chance to collect seashells, take photos, listen to the sound of the waves or simply just sit and be.

  • Be granted permission to do whatever it is that calls to you and know that those gathered together fully support and applaud your decision.

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Our days together will be filled with the perfect blend of writing, creating, playing, storytelling, exploring, and resting. There will be opportunities to gather together and also space to be on your own. You will have the freedom to choose to do what calls to you.

I invite you to show up exactly as you are. You do not need to be anyone but yourself.

Stay in your pj’s all day if you feel like it. Begin a spontaneous dance party. Go for a long walk along the ocean’s edge. Gather around the table to create. Sit in circle and write together. The choice is yours.

This retreat is focused on tending to your soul and filling up your well. It is an invitation into a sacred space where you know you aren’t alone. Your fellow kindreds are by your side to listen, hold your hand, and simply just be together.

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Why Retreat?

In 2008 I trusted my gut that said “you need to go” and I traveled deep into the woods to attend my first retreat. I had no idea what to expect. I was terrified as I waited for two strangers to pick up me before we embarked on a five hour road trip, together. Yes, five hours in a car with two women I had never met before. I almost didn’t want to answer the door when the bell rang but with an incredible amount of courage I got into the car stepping into the unknown.

While tucked in the woods I quickly learned that gathering in community is important work. It is the key that opens up the door of connection.

I stepped into a whole new world that kindly invited me in and made room for me on the couch.  I was blown away.  My shy quiet self began to dig my own roots into my soul and discover things about myself that I never knew.  Attending this retreat saved my life and changed it in an epic way. During those five days I began to find my voice, explore things that light me up, and gained courage to begin stepping forward on my own path.

Since then retreats have become a part of my soul-care. I have attended many different ones and have made life long friends. Each time I travel into the unknown I learn something new about myself and open up in beautiful and unexpected ways. I return home inspired, with my well filled up, ready to give the best of myself to those around me.

Retreating is a beautiful gift you give yourself that stays with you long after you return home. It shifts and changes you in the most divine ways. You deserve this time for yourself to sink in, let go, unravel, and connect. You deserve to tend to your soul and circle together.

Retreat reminds you that you are never alone and there are always individuals holding out there hand to pull you in and walk the journey with you.

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You Will Come Away With

  • A Soul Writing practice that will have you digging in deep, opening up, and releasing onto the page. I use this practice daily. It has become a life line for me. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer this practice will still be something you can easily integrate into your life.

  • A Soul Care Field Guide filled with words and images that inspire you, light you up, and help keep you moving on your path. This guide will be a beautiful reminder of who you are.

  • 8 new friends. I trust that just the right people will show up for this retreat and you will walk away with a tribe that you can lean on and share your heart with.

  • A heart full of love as you take time to nurture yourself and do what calls to you.

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Your Retreat Tuition Includes:

  • A five day intimate experience that begins with a welcome dinner on Wednesday and ends with a closing ceremony Saturday evening.

  • A room within the retreat house.

  • Daily meals including: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except for Friday night where you will have the opportunity to explore the local restaurants. Plus snacks, coffee, tea, and water to nourish you.

  • An opportunity to set your to-do list aside and do exactly what your heart needs.

  • Time to explore and stroll on the beach.

  • A space for you to share your truth, laugh wildly, and connect with kindreds who may become lifelong friends.

  • Opportunity to gather together, time to play, and moments of quiet space to rest and recharge.

  • A daily morning ritual where we will begin with a short meditation and set intentions for the day ahead.

  • Daily group gatherings lead by Jennifer where we will dig into Soul Writing, creating your Soul Care Field Guide, and self-care practices that you can integrate into your routine when you arrive home.

  • Surprises and goodies throughout our time together.

Retreat Location

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Bay Head is a quaint village by the sea. Just 70 miles south of New York City and 65 miles East of Philadelphia, it offers many unique shops and bed & breakfast inns. Architecture buffs will enjoy marveling at the many large, well kept Victorian homes that dot the tree-lined streets of this shore town.

The Jersey Shore holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up I spent some time each summer digging in the sand, riding the waves, and soaking in the warm sunshine. I have many memories tucked in my heart from these family vacations.

I am excited to share this little piece of beauty with you.

The retreat home is located steps away from the sand and surf. You will have the opportunity to explore the town, walk along the beach, and check out the local shops.

Where You Will Stay

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There are five bedrooms in the retreat house. One private room with a queen bed and all others are shared rooms. Note that all options include shared bathrooms.

We will all be staying in the retreat house together. Gathering under the same roof provides the opportunity to connect deeper and savor the moments in community. But don’t worry, I understand the need to have your own space and spend time alone. There will be opportunity for you to slink away and read your book, take a nap, or just hang out and day dream.

The nearest major airport is Newark, New Jersey (EWR) and is about 75 minutes or so from Bay Head. Transportation is not provided. There will be a private Facebook group for participants who want to connect ahead of time about renting cars together and carpooling.

Riding together with two strangers into the woods was a beautiful experience for me. It provided the opportunity to meet and connect before entering the unknown, plus on the way home we had so much to share about our adventure

The retreat house will open at 4:00 pm on Wednesday and breakfast will end at 9:30 am on Sunday. The house is three stories with bedrooms on all three floors. It is not wheelchair accessible. All guest must be comfortable using stairs.

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There are only 8 available spots for this retreat.

Tuition includes your room, daily meals including: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except for Friday night which will give you the opportunity to explore the local restaurants. As well as snacks, coffee, tea, and water to nourish you. All supplies for the Soul Writing sessions and everything you need to create your Soul Care Field Guide. Plus, surprises and goodies.

Rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Note that all rooms include shared bathrooms.  

  • 7 spots in a shared rooms with two single beds $1,200

  • 1 private room with a queen bed $1,350 :: Sold Out!

Payment: A $500 deposit is required to complete your registration. The remaining balance will be due July 1, 2019.




{sold Out!}


Cancellation policy: Reservations for this retreat are nonrefundable. If you are unable to attend you can transfer your spot to someone else. You will be responsible for finding someone to take your place. If you are unable to find someone you are responsible for final payment of your remaining balance by September 1, 2019.

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I invite you to choose YOU.
To show up as you are and gather in community.

I invite you to be brave.
To stretch and to grow

I invite you to join me on along the waters edge.
To leap into joy and find your way home.

I invite you!

Looking forward to gathering with you by the sea. I deeply appreciate YOU and the time you're investing in being apart of this retreat. I can’t wait to circle with you.


Curious if this retreat is for you? Want to know more about what we will be doing together? Let’s chat.