journaling the year

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I have always been an avid journaler.  The page has held my words, held my heart, and held the memories that I did not want to forget.  I show up on the page often, no sensor or filter only an open heart and mind.  It all spills out.  

I have been intrigued by Project Life and Smash books but have not been able to dig deep into them.  They are fantastic, but I felt confined.  I have even tried filling a spiral bound notebook with memories but I give up before I even begin.  

This is year is different though.  I was determined to capture my world somehow, someway.  I knew it had to fit me.  I new it couldn't be confining.  I knew I had to come up with my own thing.  

And so I did

I folded color water paper in half and I began.  

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 I went through magazines tearing out images that spoke to my heart and I collaged

I printed out photos, and added in tokens from our recent New Years Eve night away

I order more photos that will be arriving at my doorstep any day now, and I held on to mementos that I knew I wanted to glue in so I could onto them forever.  

Currently the folded pages are slowly forming a book of memories, hopes, and dreams.  It is becoming a catchall for my heart and a tool to express my creative soul.   I love how organically it is unfolding.  I love that there are no limitations and I can add as many pages as I want.  I don't feel confined, but rather I feel free.  

I have enjoyed sitting down and dreaming, remembering, and savoring the moments.  

I am unsure of how I will bind it all together, but I just know in my heart that as this year progresses so will these pages.  They are helping me to find my path.  They are taking me to places I only dreamed about.  And they are holding my heart.  

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How do you catch your dreams and hold onto your memories?  What type of journal practice do you have?