in front of you

It was in front of you that I was stripped
Standing there
You saw my scars
You felt my wounds
You knew everything I was carrying along with me

Yes, it was in front of you that I was standing there
Heart open
Beating wildly
Unsure of what would come 

There was a moment of terror
Would you flee?
Would you surrender and say this wasn't for you?

But there I stood
My armor down
My body open
Ready to receive whatever was going to come my way

I would not hide behind my baggage
I would not fake a smile
This was me
Scars and all

I have made bad choices
I have gone down terrifying roads
But I have come out stronger

I cannot guarantee that I won't travel down more bad roads
And make more poor decisions
It will happen
In fact I am pretty sure of it

And as I stood there
and fully me
You held out your hand
And you invited me in

You did not run
You did not flee
You embraced me for me

It was in that moment that i knew I could stand
Fully Me

It was in that moment
That I knew
Loving myself was the greatest choice I have ever made