giggles from the couch :: your inner critic

Today I am back with another episode of giggles from the couch and I talk about reigning in your inner critic.  It is not any easy thing to do but your inner critic definitely does not have to rule you!  

My inner critic showed up just when I shared this video everywhere and I noticed that I spelled critic wrong.  Ugh!  The universe has a funny way of making sure we learn our lessons.  So I put into practice what I speak about in the video and I talked to Flow.  I told it was ok that I spelled it wrong.  That critique could work as well.  Then I sent her on her merry way and I kept on sharing the video anyway, even with the spelling error.  For it is a reminder to me to keep showing up and being open to making mistakes.  For it is in our mistakes that we learn and grown.  

How do you handle your inner critic?  Have you named her?  Do you say something special to her?  

Let us know in the comments below because what you do may really help someone else.  Together we can learn how to live with our inner critics and do it anyway.