Rain Rain Go Away...

IMG_0171, originally uploaded by sunflowers131.

The darkness and dreariness is consuming my whole body.
The weight of the clouds filled with raindrops is on my shoulders.
I am tired.
Rainfall is pouring from eyes.
A puddle of my own despair has formed beneath my feet
I am drained.
The gray sky has infused a haziness on my brain.
What once was filled with creativity now only has splashed of black and gray.
I am weary.
My aching body longs for the sun to come along and lift this dreadful monster.
My nose is longing to be permeated with the aroma of a crisp fall day
I am exhausted
As I stand deep inside this disorder I am struggling for strength
Power to wash away these dark clouds myself
I yearn to be spilling over with life again