twenty years from now

This year I have been inspired by SwirlyGirl and her project 52 Figments I have really enjoyed thinking about these questions and creating something to go along with my answer.

One of the questions was:

Imagining having a conversation with yourself twenty years from now. What question do you want to ask?

What immediately hit my mind was "will I be married?" However after a lot of thinking and pondering I really think that I would want to know "If happiness follows me wherever I roam?" I plan to travel after I graduate college. Possibly move to Mexico. I want to experience Christians "home." See where he came from and all the wonderful places he tells me about. I might move to California, San Francisco has always held an interest in me.

The reason I would ask that question is because I am curious if out of my element, away from family, and away from my friends if I could adjust. Just be. And be happy. In my heart I believe the answer is yes, but of course we always must questions things. The great and worst part about being human.