The Storm

The storm has passed,
yet I can still feel its presence.
I can see the destruction everywhere.
I feel it with every movement
and can smell it with each breath.

How does one recover from such a disastrous storm?
How does one put back the pieces and continue on with life?

The sun is shining again,
yet it does not look as brilliant as it once had.
The colors in the sky are beautiful,
however they seem dim and faded in my heart
I want to feel the beauty.

A piece of me feels changed forever.
by all this destruction.

Will things get better?
Will things continue on like I planned them in my heart?

I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.
I want to bask in the beauty of what is above me.

For now though, this seems impossible.
Will that change?
Will new life grow?
Only time can tell,
as the destruction from the storm forms new opportunity's to grow.