Para Siempre

Longing for that feeling of connection which once was there. Before the hurt, before the pain, before the bruises. Longing for the feeling of happiness and the sound of laughter which always followed our path. We were something special. Two strangers happy together. Now we know one another and here we are lonely. Lonely with each other because the other has put up a wall. Lonely despite what we show the world. How do they not see our facade? How do they not feel our pain?

I miss hearing the laughter
I miss the smell which came along with us being with one another
I miss seeing your smile
I miss the taste of your kiss on my lips
I miss the touch of your smooth feet against mine at night as we lie in bed with one another

Juntos para siempre!
Remember when that was painted on a plate?
Remember the day we came together?

Now here we are under the same roof yet worlds apart from one another.
I want you back.
I want you hear with me.
I want US!!!
I want us to last para siempre!!!

Para siempre!!
With love
With passion
With happiness
With smiles
Para siempre!!