Simply Wonderful

What a wonderful family weekend getaway I had. It was so nice to have off from work and be in a different environment than here. Life seems so much simpler and happiness seems to great you each morning. It is simply wonderful. I shared a lot of laughs with my family and really enjoyed myself. I also got to see Brian and Laurie's wedding video for the first time. It is so beautiful. They really did a wonderful job with it. I am super excited for Bobby and Erika's wedding now.

Every now and then we need to take a break from the every day and step outside of "our" world. Their is so much pleasure and beauty out there, why do we not take the time to experience it? Getting away for a few days was just what I needed. Hopefully throughout the summer I will get a few more chances to simply slip away.

Look around you, beauty is everywhere. You just need to be willing to see it. The world is simply wonderful!!